World renowned microphones for Performance, Recording, Installed and Broadcast applications.

PG: The most accessible Shure microphones for elevating sound quality at gigs, rehearsal and in home recording.


Industry-standard professional microphones for daily touring, club and studio performances.


KSM: Premium microphones with refined and sophisticated components that capture the world's most accomplished studio and live performances.

BETA: Application-specific microphones engineered for reproduction of fine details in demanding environments.

Classic: Iconic microphones that feature elegant, renowned product design with Shure sound quality. VP: Durable and lightweight microphones in various form factors for broadcast and media production. Centraverse: Quality, affordable audio for installed applications requiring plug-and-play solutions. Microflex: Professional microphones for a wide variety of installed applications

These Shure Microphones suit a wide variety of uses from specialty applications to general communications.

Microphone Accessories
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